Andrea Elena, Artist and Owner

I see myself as an empath, and have always found it important to consider how experiences make us feel, rather than what they help us to obtain tangibly. I started Art for Affect (previously known as Local Art Workshops) as a way to connect with people through art; to give them positive experiences, where they could feel comfortable to explore art as a form of personal interest or self care, and do so mindfully. From a young age, I experienced art through doing; by learning about ceramics with the artist women of my family, and by learning to make tinfoil animals with my father. Art for me is about experiencing something intimate. In my academic career, through to my PhD (abd), I took particular interest in perception, and how we experience visual aspects of the world. "Affect", in an academic sense, means the impact experience has on the perceiver. I strive to make art and art experiences that mindfully consider the "affect" they have on others.