This is mainly intended as an "Add-on" option when purchasing a "Deluxe Starter Kit" or the "Paint and Paper" (only). However if you already have most of your own supplies and are looking to try some more intermediate techniques, and/or to use with Andrea Elena's Intermediate -Level Courses, then you can certainly purchase this "add-on" on it's own. This is an ideal way to try and test several different paints without needing investing in the full tubes!


You will recieve 10 carefully curated colours (these are different than what comes in the Deluxe Starter Kit), as well as 1 pipette with approximately 20-30 mL of Masking Fluid, and one piece of Rubber Cement (which is for removing the masking fluid after its dry). These amounts are meant to allow you to paint between 2 to 7 paintings, depending on their size, and the intensity of the colour used. You will need these colours for the Intermediate-Level classes offered by Andrea Elena (in addition to the colours from the Deluxe Starter Kit).


Please watch the video to see the products and a demonstration of their use.

Intermediate Add-on

  • Please note that there are no credits or refunds for these kits. If there is an issue with your order, please email and it will be reviewed.