This special watercolour set is designed to work with the Intermediate Portrait watercolour workshop (with enough extra materials to paint it twice). Since the expectation is that students already have most of their own materials, this set is intended as a way to compliment what you already have. (If you do however need a comprehensive package of supplies, please check out the Deluxe Material Kit.)


This Intermediate Set is comprised of:

  • 3 pieces of Arches 100% cotton, 9"x12" watercolour paper (cold press, 140lbs)
  • 1 Pipette of masking fluid
  • Professional Watercolour Paints/Gouache (mid-sized chips) on plastic pallette: 
  • Winsor & Newton, GOUACHE, Raw Umber
  • Winsor & Newton, Watercolour, Raw Sienna
  • Winsor & Newton, Watercolour, Opera Rose
  • Winsor & Newton, Watercolour, Cobalt Blue
  • Winsor & Newton, Watercolour, Mars Black
  • Winsor & Newton, Watercolour, Payne's Grey


Please order prior to April 15th to secure your Intermediate materials set. If delivery outside of Ottawa is required, please provide ample notice for shipping time. All shipping outside of Ottawa will be via UPS. Delivery within Ottawa is Free! (And within the Ottawa Valley is only $15.)






Intermediate Set - PORTRAIT