This is intended mainly as a "refill" option for those who have already purchased a "Deluxe Starter Kit". However if you already have most of your own supplies and are looking to get additional paint and paper to try out, and/or to use with Andrea Elena's online workshops, then this is also a great option!


You will recieve 14 carefully curated colours (the same as what is in the Deluxe Starter Kit), as well as 12 pieces of watercolour paper, and 6 pieces of tracing paper. These amounts are meant to allow you to complete 6 workshops or classes with Andrea Elena.


If you are an intermediate learner, we recommend that you also get the "Intermediate Add-on", which comes with an additional 10 colours that will be used in the intermediate classes taught by Andrea Elena.

Refill Set

  • Please note that there are no credits or refunds for these kits. If there is an issue with your order, please email and it will be reviewed.

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